The Authentic Taste of Fruit

Kaki Persimmon

Our Specialty

At Frutas Ángela, we are experts in the cultivation, production, and distribution of persimmon kaki, with a special emphasis on the variety Red Bright, also known as Persimmon. Spain leads the world in persimmon production, and our company is located in the main producing region, the Ribera del Xuquer.

We have extensive persimmon cultivation lands, allowing us to ensure comprehensive management of the process and provide top-quality persimmons for most of the year. Trust Frutas Ángela, your reliable source of exceptional persimmons.

Butternut Squash

This versatile squash is one of the most popular and cherished varieties in cooking. You can enjoy it in various ways: baked, fried, boiled, roasted, and even raw. After cooking, you can consume it with its skin, providing an extra dose of fiber, especially if it’s an organic squash. Discover how to incorporate it into your recipes and make the most of its benefits!

Mini Muscat Pumpkin

This pumpkin variety stands out for its delightful taste. During the summer, it’s enjoyed cooked in salads and desserts. In winter, it’s incorporated into more elaborate dishes like roasts and stews. Our pumpkins range in weight from 500 g to 3 kg, ensuring their durability at home and the preservation of their properties until consumption. Their seasonality spans from August to February.

Halloween Pumpkin

The day of Halloween is approaching, and the iconic symbol of the celebration is the PUMPKIN, especially when it is given a frightening appearance and candles are added inside. At Frutas Ángela, we have prepared a pack that will delight children and teenagers alike.

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